Do you have any special wishes? Do you need a special vehicle? Then you’ve come to the right place at Kloos Fahrzeugbau. We manufacture your very special vehicle. Among other things, we manufacture the Flexcover Combi + in cooperation with the HUESKER company. You have never been so flexible! But see for yourself:
Function upgrade to the slurry transporter
An existing dump truck can be converted with Flexcover Combi and used as a manure transport vehicle and transport the manure / fermentation liquids to the field like a feeder barrel. For this, the factory tailgate is dismantled and the Combi-System is installed on the existing holder. The entire module is delivered pre-assembled including the pump and storage bag, so that complex assembly is not necessary.

Special transporter:

Special transporter: This vehicle can transport solid and liquid goods. This means that you will have significantly less empty runs.


Technical specifications:

    • Dimensions steel frame: (W x H x D) 2,400 x 2,000 x 1,650 mm
    • Weight of the entire system: approx. 700 kg
    • Space requirement in the tipper: 0.5 m in length
    • Required space for storage: 6 m²

    Manure sack:

  • PVC coated fabric with increased UV resistance 1,150 g / m²
  • Kink resistant; no crack formation after 100,000 kinks
  • Temperature resistance from – 30 ° C to + 70 ° C
  • Chemical resistance against e.g. manure / acid / ammonium nitr
At Kloos Fahrzeugbau, almost nothing is left to be desired. Discuss your problem or your requirements for your new vehicle with us. Our designers will try to fulfill all your wishes and maybe even surprise you.
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